have you ever said any of these things to yourself-

"we just want a small intimate wedding without months of planning"  

"we want to elope but want a location nicer than the courthouse" 

"we just want a beautiful small ceremony and want to keep a smaller budget" 

"we would love to renew our vows in a beautiful space and have updated wedding portraits"  


Enter Erin (Magnolia street photography)+ Bettina (A+M Photography) With our popup elopement or vow renewal sessions at studio no.307


you don’t have to worry about the details, just relax and enjoy your special day. These are intimate sessions held in a gorgeous, light filled industrial space. Our popups are scheduled on certain days throughout the year and are beautiful sessions complete with complimentary officiant (yes, this is a legit wedding!), gorgeous bouquet, soft backgound music, sparkling cider toast and two photographers! it is a complete weddings, but on an tiny scale! With a Pop-Up elopement or vow renewal you will have a beautifully styled venue, an itty-bitty guest list (usually between 2-12 of your nearest & dearest),


Typically this is the perfect choice for the couple that is craving all the beauty and details that go into the wedding day but want to skip the large guest list, our couples are focused on the moments vs the traditional. we can't wait to meet you!


cheers to love

Erin + Bettina