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Bettina Plauger :: Photographer
Wedding & Lifestyle 
Frederick, Maryland

well hey. I'm Bettina


It's hard to write about yourself, like, really hard. 

You have all these thoughts and it's so difficult to put on paper and have anyone actually understand. I think that is why I am so intrigued and enamored with photography. I can show you a thought or feeling with a photograph. 


Real life moves me - the vulnerability, grit, imperfection and expressions of love and admiration. The ordinary moments of your extraordinary existence. I am so so emotional and want real relationships with real people who trust me to capture their story whether it be on their wedding day or outside with their children. The genuine laughs, soft hugs, deep breaths and even tear filled eyes. 


To Mia I'm Mommy, to Ava I'm Momma and to Eric I'm Honey. My love for them fills my entire body.

It just made me smile to type that.


Family is e v e r y t h i n g. Everything. Blood does not make a family. Unconditional love, non judgement and making time to be there are just

some traits of my family. 

Thunderstorms give me chills, in a good way. Super exhilarating. I also love the rain.

Romance and PDA make me giddy and happy. 

I am overwhelmed with emotion {and tears} when I witness or hear of people doing random acts of kindness and I swear I can

feel my heart get bigger when I do it myself. 

I dig any kind of music aside from country. Folk is my fav. 

Big, big fan of self expression. Also, tattoos- all the tattoos.

If it weren't for having a business that basically requires social media accounts, I wouldn't have any.

I like to live my life, not type it for others to "like".